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Top 10 Pharmacy Chains in KL [2024]

Pharmacy is a retail shop that allows people to purchase pharmaceutical drugs, among other products. When we are looking for pharmaceutical products to prevent or treat diseases, visiting the pharmacy shop is one of the plans in our mind. At the pharmacy, the pharmacists are responsible to oversee the fulfilment of medical prescriptions and provide medical advice on their offerings of over-the-counter drugs. Malaysian are used to drop by for purchasing medications. There are 10 best pharmacy chains in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia that are well-known and are expanded in many places, with no particular order.


1. Watson

It is no doubt that Watsons is the leading health and beauty retailer with over 550 stores in Malaysia. They offer a wide range of Health and Beauty products with over 1000 brands. The Watson stores can be easily found in Malaysia they have a large number of branches in many places, even the shopping mall. Watsons Malaysia received the Platinum Award for the Best in Retail Category 2019 by Putra Brands Award. It means that Watsons have strong market power in the pharmacy chain.


Customer Service Hotline: 1300-880-847

Official Website:


2. Guardian

Guardian consists of more than 440 stores in many states and places, including well-known shopping malls, high stress, and even in the online platform. The more powerful is that there is an average of 33 million Malaysian customers recognize and recommend their variety of quality pharmaceutical, health and beauty products. Guardian is accorded with Brand Excellence in Retail, Health, Beauty and Personal Care for 2016/2017 by the BrandLaureate Award.


Customer Service Hotline: 1300-13-0089

Official Website:


3. CARiNG Pharmacy

CARiNG Pharmacy has been operated by 5 senior pharmacists since 1994 in providing the most professional and innovative pharmacy services, including Weight Management, Diabetes Management System, Chronic Disease Management and so on for Malaysian customers. They also implemented CARiNG’s shopper loyalty program for the member to enjoy the benefits such as birthday treats, collect and redeem points, and get insights into exclusive promotions and discounts. In addition, they have their own e-store that allows customers to buy their products online.


Contact (Head Office): 03-7453 1988

Official Website:


4. Multicare Pharmacy

There are around 68 Multicare Pharmacy shops in different states. Multicare Pharmacy not only offers a wide range of pharmaceutical products and provides pharmacy services in their stores, but they also provide rental services for the customers to rent medical equipment and rehab. They provide shipping & delivery service which allows the customers to buy the products in their online shop.


Contact number (Headquarters): 03-9075 1841

Official Website:


5. Health Lane Family Pharmacy

Currently, Health Lane Family Pharmacy operated in a few states such as Klang Valley, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor and Sarawak. However, there are almost 100 outlets in Malaysia and has over 30 years of experience in the chain of pharmacy. They are not just offering pharmaceutical products, but also provide the best service and health consultation to the customers from professional and licensed pharmacists, nutritionists, dietitians and health advisors.


Contact number (Headquarter): 03-4041 9182 (Tel)

03-4041 9362 (Fax)

Official Website:


6. Vitacare

Vitacare operator as a neighbourhood pharmacy for over 30 years with around 10 locations in Klang Valley. They offer more than 200 types of exclusive health and wellness products with better quality, safety, dependable and peace of mind. In addition, they promote a VCard for the customers to enjoy the benefits, including a special offer, members’ discounts, birthday bonuses and so on.


Contact number: 03-7784 3833 (Tel)

03-7784 3811 (Fax)

Official Website:


7. Alpro Pharmacy

Alpro Pharmacy is the best and largest prescription pharmacy chain in Malaysia which are located in Negeri Sembilan, Selangor, Penang, Johor, Terengganu, Kelantan, Melaka and Sarawak with more than 90 locations. Besides, they provide a lot of services such as home physio, rental service for medical equipment, in-house eldercare care, perfect sugar control management, professional minor illness service and Medicheck.


Contact number (Headquarter): 06-792 1923


8. AA Pharmacy

AA Pharmacy is the largest inventory of genuine medicine in Malaysia since 1999. Although they have branches only in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, they located more than 30 AA Pharmacy shops in both of the states. AA Pharmacy aims to provide affordable healthcare for everyone to enjoy extra benefits from purchasing their healthcare products and genuine medicine.


Contact number (Headquarter): 03-5562 8811


9. Big Pharmacy

Big Pharmacy is a leading and most trusted pharmacy chain in Malaysia. They provide outstanding services and low prices products to the customers. The walk-in customers are able to get a free lifetime membership to enjoy member benefits. Furthermore, they provide a shopping online service for the customers to order the products and get them through shipping and delivery.


Contact number (Head Office): 012-521 5809


10. Tigas Alliance

Tigas Alliance has been operated since 1999 which is the largest pharmacy network in Malaysia for repeat prescriptions cost-savings. They aim to provide better preventive health, connecting pharmacists to consumers and health solutions. Tigas Alliance also provides MyTigas Dispensing Service for the customer that has the benefits of cost-savings, transparency and better adherence.


Contact Number: 018-387 6216




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