3 Tips For Malaysians Who Work From Home (WFH): Ergonomics and Exercises Checklist

At the end of the year 2019, an outbreak of COVID-19 occurred. Thousands of people around the world started self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic. Work from home gradually became a "new normal" social situation around the world. According to Job Street, 67% of Malaysian companies required their staff to work from home. Working from home have made people start to engage more in screen time than ever before and people also started to transform their kitchen tables, kitchen chair and bedrooms into a temporary home office.

Do you think that these home offices is ergonomically suitable for workers to spend the whole day working? Do you think that these non-ergonomic home officers will lead to the onset of discomfort in the body such as neck and low back pain? Do you think that this discomfort in the body will lead to more health problems in the future? Here are the ergonomics and exercise checklists that can be done at home.

1. Ergonomics Basics in Working or at Home


  • Adjustable Chair

- feet are able to rest flat on the floor

- thighs are parallel to the floor

- feet should not be dangling when sitting

- shoe box or a small stool can be used to rest the feet on it

- this can reduce the stress on the lumbar spine

  • Adjustable Armrest

- ensure the arms can gently rest on the armrest with the shoulders in a relaxed position

  • Lumbar and Back Support

- pillow or a rolled-up towel can be placed behind the back

- avoid the need to lean away from the back of the chair and cause faulty posture due to the non-ergonomic problem


  • Adjustable Table

- a sturdy board or blocks can be placed under the table legs if the table is too low or adjust the height of the chair if the table is too high

  • Surface of Table

- using pipe insulation placed along the edge of the table to reduce the contact stress due to the hard edge

- a wrist pad or folded towel can also be used so that hands can be relaxed while using the tablet and keyboard to work for a prolonged period of time


  • Height of monitor

- placed directly in front of and about an arm's length away

- the top of the screen should be eye levelled when looking straight ahead

  • Dual/multiple monitors

- keep the primary monitor directly in front and place the secondary monitors to the side of the primary monitor.

  • Laptop

- place the laptop on a stand to meet the eye level and an external keyboard and mouse is suggested

Keyboard & Mouse

  • Position of mouse and keyboard

- mouse should be placed within easy reach and on the same surface as the keyboard

- elbow should at 90 degrees with the wrist straight

- keyboard should be at the same height with the elbows