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Healthy Living for a Better Heart

Without a doubt, living a healthy lifestyle will lead to a better life. However, most people do not adhere to that concept as they find it to be somewhat troublesome to do all the things that make us healthy. Well, I say to you that leading a healthy lifestyle is not that hard to do. It just takes a simple amount of dedication and consistency. Moreover, for those who are approaching their 60’s and above, maintaining a healthy way of living is very much needed to avoid any complications that could jeopardize their health. It is also a matter of maintaining their heart in good condition. Most people approaching their senior years will face with complications with their heart as it becomes weaker over time and can develop dangerous diseases involving the heart and lungs. There are many ways for us to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


One of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is managing a balanced diet. There are a few factors that contribute to poor choice of diet. The ageing process itself is a barrier to good nutrition since it is common for appetites to diminish as a person ages. A decline in the senses of smell and taste also affect a person’s ability to taste and enjoy food. Dental factors also prove to be one of the main factors. Seniors are more likely to suffer from dental problems. Ill-fitting dentures, jaw pain, mouth sores and missing teeth can make chewing painful. All of these factors make it increasingly difficult for the elderly to eat healthy foods. The weakening of the physical ability of the elderly also discourages them to eat. Tasks such as opening a can of food, peeling fruit or even standing long enough to cook a meal could prove to be a challenge for them.

One of the many ways that diet can be improved for them is to offer nutritionally dense foods. Since many seniors aren’t eating as much as they should, the food they do eat must be as nutritious as possible. Encourage whole, unprocessed foods that are high in calories and nutrients for their size. Some examples include healthy fats (nut butters, nuts, seeds and olive oil), whole grains (brown rice, whole wheat bread, oats and whole-grain cereals), fresh fruits and vegetables (canned and frozen are also good choices), and protein-rich beans, legumes and meat and dairy products. This will help ensure that they are getting all the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain proper health.

Taking care of their dental problems can be a helping mechanism to help them have a better appetite. Maintaining proper oral health can enhance nutrition and appetite. Make sure dentures fit properly and problems like cavities and jaw pain are being properly managed. Insurance plans, including Medicare, cover certain dental procedures.

Being too old to exercise is never an excuse. The elderly tend to lack the motivation to do some physical activities due to their decreasing capabilities and stamina. This causes the cells in the physical body to slow down much faster. Research has shown that increasing physical activities and exercise for the elderly can help improve health and also improve cardiovascular strength thus strengthening the heart altogether. It is better as a family member to always encourage your parents or grandparents to participate more in some physical exercise. The exercises shouldn’t be too heavy for them to handle. Just a few light exercising should help them maintain a healthy body.

One of the many activities that can be done is simply walking. Taking a stroll through the park or walking around in the neighbourhood can help improve cardiovascular strength among the elderly. Walking doesn’t take too much energy and it can help to strengthen the leg muscle. Morning is one of the best times for them to just take a stroll through the neighbourhood when it is cool and calm. It is also very encouraging for them to go for a walk if a family member joins them for a walk while having small talks. This will help elevate mood and keep a positive mind for them.

Doing some light stretching can also help their body. The elderly tend to have stiff muscles due to the decreasing muscle mass in their body. Stretching can help them to increase their flexibility and help their ageing body. Family members can help them from time to time while further engaging them in a more positive mood.

All in all, a balanced diet and regular exercise can be major factors in preventing cardiovascular problems among the elderly. Family members have to be the supporting pillar in helping them in leading a much healthier lifestyle. It is very much understandable that most family members nowadays are busy with their careers and taking care of their own children. However, there are a few such alternatives that can be taken to ensure that the elderly can keep on practising a much healthier lifestyle. One of them is by hiring in-house caregivers which can help monitor their everyday life when family members are not present during the day. The caregivers can help them to maintain a proper schedule of balanced diet and exercise so that their health can be maintained. The other alternative is to send them to a nursing home or a daycare centre. Most of those institutions regularly maintain a schedule to help the elderly to have a healthy life. Regular exercise and a strict diet are ensured as they will keep the elderly’s health at an optimum level.



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