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Most Common Orthopedic Problems in the Elderly [Malaysia]

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

According to TheStar, there are around 7% of the population in Malaysia are above the age of 65, which was an estimated 3.5 million people. By 2044, Malaysia will become an "aged society" with 14% of people above 65 years old of age. This rapid ageing megatrend brings a great challenge for Malaysia in terms of employment, income security and aged care. With ageing, people are suffering from more health issues as compared to the younger age group.

The effect of aging in the musculoskeletal system will affect the quality and length of life. Bone mass and density loss, especially in women for menopause, causing the bones to become brittle and easily broken when they sustained a fall. Joints become stiffer and less flexible, fluid in the joints may reduce and cause the cartilage to rub together and eventually wear away. Postural changes due to the changes in the spinal column secondary to loss of mineral content in the vertebrae spine and loss of fluid in the intervertebral disk. The muscle mass and strength are also reduced, endurance reduced and eventually lead to slower movement, slower gait and a high risk of falling in the elderly.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Exercise is one of the best methods to slow or prevent illness related to the bones, muscles and joints. Orthopaedic rehabilitation, also known as musculoskeletal rehabilitation that helps people to recover from musculoskeletal injuries, diseases or post-surgical procedures.

Most Common Orthopedic Problems in the Elderly that may Require Rehabilitation

1. Fractures / Broken bones (e.g. wrist fracture, hip fracture) 2. Ligaments Sprain / Strain / Tear (e.g. ankle sprain, rotator cuff tear)

3. Post-surgical procedure (e.g. total hip replacement (THR), total knee replacement (TKR), amputation)

4. Sports injuries (e.g. tendinitis)

5. Inflammation of joints (e.g. osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis)

6. Osteoporosis, osteopenia

7. Low back pain, neck pain, shoulder/elbow/wrist pain, hip/knee/ankle pain

8. Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Lordosis

What Physiotherapy Do in Orthopedic Rehabilitation?


Ultrasound Hydrocollator Packs

Electrical Stimulation (TENS/IFT) Shockwave Therapy

Cryotherapy Cuff Paraffin Wax Bath

2. Exercise Therapy

3. Manual Therapy

4. Kinesio Taping

5. Postural Correction

6. Gait Training

7. Home Exercise Program (HEP) and Patient Education


If you have or currently suffering from the conditions mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact Mintygreen Wellness Residence at 018-9873862.

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