Frequent Asked Question (FAQ)

What is counselling?

Counselling provides you with a safe environment, where you can express yourself freely without feeling fear. Our experienced and trained counsellors use the professional skills to listen to your words and guide you to control your thoughts, feelings and experiences, challenge your own living environment and to be yourself.

Why counselling is important for the elderly?

The elderlies are often faced with a lot of changes in physical, psychological and social roles, which will challenge their self-awareness and ability to obtain happiness. In addition, many elderlies might feel lonely or depressed in the later years of their life. It might due to they live alone for a long time, or lack of love and caring from their families. In order to adjust to these changes on the elderly, counselling is the best choice for them to be listened and accompanied.   

Is there any difference between counselling and talking with friends?

It cannot be denied that friend is a good listener who will give you some effective suggestions and caring. However, the professional counsellor is the only one who can help to improve your mental state and obtain cognitive and emotional skills, which the effect cannot be achieved if you are talking with your friends. Also, it will not cause the interpersonal difficulties due to excessive complaints with friends.

How long does the counselling last?

40 minutes to 1 hour will be taken for a counselling session. The number of counselling session is basically based on the client’s requirement, problem and situation. The clients are suggested to consult with our psychologist/counsellors to define an optimal choice.

How to make an appointment for the counselling?

The clients can make an appointment for the counselling services by calling Mintygreen Wellness Residences at 03-8408 1978 or 018-987 3862. Besides, the clients can also message us on our Facebook Page and Instagram to enquire our services.

Are the counsellors professional and qualified?

Our counsellors are highly trained, qualified with a Master’s level and

also, the registered counsellor admitted by Malaysia Board of Counsellor (LKM). In addition, they have many working experiences in conducting counselling session with the clients. They use professional techniques for the counselling with clients, including listening, questioning, attending, empathy skills.

Is there any privacy and confidentiality in the counselling session?

Yes, we absolutely keep all the client’s information as private and confidential. Client’s information will be disclosed to certain third party with the permission of client. The privacy and confidentiality on the clients’ information are invalid if the risk of harming themselves or others to be found by our counsellors or if the court order to provide information regarding the clients.

How can I make the payment for the counselling sessions?

We accept online banking, debit card and credit card, including Mastercard and Visa. However, we do not accept cash payment for all the services provided by Mintygreen Wellness Residence. Please contact us for detailed payment method at 03-8408 1978 or 018-987 3862.

How is the cost calculated in counselling?

The cost of counselling services is based on the session and package. The cost of counselling session and package might vary in the following years. Please contact us for latest price of counselling services in Mintygreen Wellness Residence at03-8408 1978 or 018-987 3862.


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